Turns out the River Never Ends

08000a_a62885d276a44a6fb97d7e64bbd634b1Elizabeth and I are on a journey. God has surely blessed me with someone I can call my best friend to beast this part of life with. Sometimes we do a hot job, sometimes we’re a hot mess. But God is ever-faithful still. I love this lady. We have both grown so much over this past year. Encountered heartache, loss, anger, love, spiritual growth and much more in our separate lives. Part of our way to cope with an ugly world trying to drown out the beauty, we have been reading together. She and I have been reading books by our new favorite author Charles Martin. If I had discovered him years ago he would be my old favorite author too. He’s just that amazing. The imagery he paints with his words and the emotions inspired by his stories are second to none- this coming from a seasoned book worm and lifelong nerd. He’s simply the most evocative writer I have ever encountered. Elizabeth and I had the pleasure of meeting him a few months back. What a beautiful soul! So genuine and kind. And loves the Lord to boot! I highly recommend his books.Where the River Ends is a book that follows the journey in life of a woman battling cancer. I won’t spoil it, but the book gives a real sense to the fragility of life, and the importance of getting every ounce of living out of it. I have learned so many things lately. Too many to list (that’s why I am writing my own book!) but one thing stands out: The river doesn’t end. Sure, when we get to the end of this life we bury the sembleance of our being. But after this life is life eternal. Either with God or separated from Him. It is my life’s desire to see people choose Him. To choose life and to live it to its fullest while here on earth. And when it’s done, I hope to see you on the other side. Because through the streets of gold and heavenly courses, the river never ends.

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