Learning to See with Fresh Eyes

It sounds silly at first, but then I thought, what if I took that advice and applied it to my life in general? What if I stopped looking at myself with old eyes? Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing the same old problems on the same old Sarah, what if I took a step back and had a fresh thought? Today I am going to do something great. Today, I am forgetting yesterday and beginning anew. Today, I am _______.       You fill in the blank. I think that a lot of times the reason we are so hard on ourselves is because we are looking at us with yesterday’s eyes. Last year’s eyes, etc. But each day is a new day, and we are no longer that person. Those mistakes you made last year? They’re not you. That incident that caused turmoil in the past? It doesn’t define you. That bad day you had yesterday? Don’t let it shape you.

Whatever it is that is holding you down and telling you that you are not good enough, it isn’t you!

I encourage you to look at yourself each day, each moment with fresh eyes. Pretend like you are worth a million dollars (truly, you are priceless), and tell yourself that one negative thought could wreck this moment. Instead, tell yourself you are loved. You are beautiful. You are a marvelous creation. You are confident. You are intelligent. You are YOU. I believe all those things about you. Do you?

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