All That is Found

This darkness has become my best friend, under the guise of security.

A mask placed so tight upon my face that I don’t have to see reality.

Its edges have spread and wrapped around my heart,

a vice grip upon every feeling part.

What I though was recovery I am discovering is false.

With every silent night comes hopeless feelings and thoughts.

My healing through time and space

has become a façade I attributed to love and grace.

What a fool am I to misjudge,

the darkness never left, it hasn’t budged.

This age-old scheme with tentacles of fire,

has extinguished every last word, passions every fire.

Rest it is not, not peace nor free.

I just want it to leave, I want to be me.

There are times when hope still feels out of reach; Peace feels elusive, but don’t let it defeat you. Don’t let the feeling of darkness keep you down. There is love that covers all wrongs, grace that changes the heart. There is hope. There are people who care. There is always a reason to live and love.

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