In memory of the woman who told us our story doesn’t have to end;

I don’t know where to start. Emotions are bubbling up, and there really are no words sufficient to make this loss hurt any less, especially for Amy’s family and friends. I don’t know Amy Bleuel. If I am being completely honest, I did not know Amy was the beautiful soul behind Project Semicolon. I had seen it on Facebook, looked at people creatively implementing the semicolon in their tattoos, and I thought many times about getting another tattoo, adding the semicolon. I liked the concept. What a creative and gripping way too convey unity- an element of grammar that not only tells you that you are not done reading a sentence- it fills you with anticipation. Pausing, waiting for the strength to move on and devour the adventure of what the rest of the story holds.

A new way of seeing this small mark, it now has big meaning. I found out tonight on facebook from a fellow advocate and friend of her passing. I was shocked. This beautiful and brave woman who had endured so much wrong in her life. She too was a graphic designer. I had to sit in awe of her use of God given creativity to reach into the many souls like hers- wounded and lonely, but not defeated. She used her voice and creativity, her words, her stories, her sorrows, her tears, her emotions- all to let millions know they are not alone. The story doesn’t end here. Her words impacted me too. Everytime I saw that small phrase- Your story isn’t over yet, through tears and feelings of insignificance, it gave me strength to move one more day. To know someone who has never met me, doesn’t know me could have enough hope to share and enough love to give to send that message all across the world- to me. I respect that. I respect her. Her life. Her message. Her legacy.

It makes it that much harder to hear of her passing. Because life became too much and took her from us too soon. But this isn’t reason to give in, to give up or to lose hope. No, it is reason to love stronger, live longer- look depression, anger, anxiety, fear, loneliness, suicidal and self-hating thoughts in the face and laugh. I am stronger than you! I will not let you take me or my loved ones. We will fight. Even if we feel we don’t have the strength, we will fight. For our brother, our sister, our mom, our dad, our friend, our coworker, for us, for Amy- because this story has no end;

The story of hope has no end; it goes on. It lives. Like I encourage you to do. As we mourn Amy, let’s not forget the amazing impact her life has and will continue to have on millions of lives. Thank you Amy for your beautiful contribution to this world. As I sit here writing this, feeling insignificant and inferior in so many ways, your words give me hope and the will to push forward. My story still has many more paths to take. To you who read this, so does yours;

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