Techie with Anxiety? Read This.

I am enthused right now. I have found a site/blog/forum that is specifically for people in the tech industry who have anxiety/depression/ADHD/PTSD, etc. As many of you may know I am a designer. I have recently expanded my business to include web design and I am simultaneously teaching myself how to code so I can also offer web development services. If you are reading this you are in design / development and you know how overwhelming it can be to be working on multiple projects, running a small business, advertising and trying to expand your skillset all at the same time. Perhaps you have had feelings of despair, overwhelm, frustration and anxiety at the thought of all you have yet to learn. Like enough is never enough. Perhaps you have thoughts like “a real designer wouldn’t feel this way. They would just get stuff done” or “Real developers don’t struggle with keeping up. If I knew what I was doing I wouldn’t forget so much”. Ever had those feelings/thoughts?  I have good news! SO DO OTHERS!

In my research of where to start and how to start coding, I found a podcast called KitchenSinkWP. Maybe you’ve heard of it. I just listened to this episode which talks about how to avoid entrepreneurial burnout.  GREAT episode. In this episode he talks about getting out from behind the computer once in a while (yes that’s okay) and exercising or meeting up with a friend or even *gasp* reading a fiction book (even when you have tons to do)! Wow! What great advice. He mentions an organization I can’t believe I’ve never heard of-  Open Source Mental Illness (OSMI). This is a gold mine. There are resources for when you are feeling desperate (text 741-741 for 24 hour crisis hotline), a blog to read and a forum to follow where others post their daily struggles with mental illness in the workplace (or work from home place).

I’m begging you to please check this site out! What a wonderful resource for those who are prone to performance anxiety. In the design and development world where deadlines and expectation of a great outcome meet to make your anxiety skyrocket, it’s great to know there is a community you can join to help each other out. Check it out!

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